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Things you didn’t know about SHAREit

Things you didn’t know about SHAREit

SHAREit is such a diverse app. It shares your files without any qualms. It supports a host of OS. It gels well with all sorts of devices as long as they have WiFi. SHAREit is almost a pioneer in this genre in the sort of functionality it is bringing to countless users all around the world.
SHAREit is a great app that could make a lot of tasks accomplished in no time. So let us revisit this app to see what all it can do.

Things you didn’t know about SHAREit

#1. It can share all sorts of files!

SHAREit can share all you want to share with friends. The app shares text files, pdfs, apks and all other sorts of files, apart from music and video files.

#2. It is phenomenally faster than all other means of transfer!

You probably think of Bluetooth or USB transfer when I talk about file transfer. But SHAREit beats these transfer methods single handedly! The transfer speed is 200 times the speed of Bluetooth and several times the speed of your average USB transfer.

#3. The transfer is 100% free! No hardware or data required!

You don’t need your USB connected anywhere, or any other hardware tweaking for that matter. Data charges don’t hold either! You care not cost a single penny. The app makes use of your WiFi facility on the phone. And it works even if there is no WiFi connection or internet data on your SIM.

Things you didn’t know about SHAREit

#4. The device support is inclusive!

A lot of apps require you to have a certain OS in your phone. Many apps require your PC to have an Android Emulator or iPadian to run properly. But this is the beauty of SHAREit; it is available for virtually every OS. It comes for iOS, Windows, Android and Windows Phone. And each device can share files to any of the other device using the same app!

#5. SHAREit is popular!

There’s quite a chance that your friend already has SHAREit. The app has over 400 Million users in 200 countries around the globe! And that’s not merely an aggregative statistic. The app is among the top downloaded apps in over 15 countries and regions! SHAREit is a major hit globally!

Isn’t it cool to be using such an awesome app? There is so much the app can do and so much the app has to offer. Apart from all of these, Lenovo has a similar app called CLONEit. The group of apps makes it a whole lot easier to share files and folder with your friends as well as duplicating an entire device’s content into a new device. Sending GBs upon GBs of data without lifting a finger; isn’t it a simpler life?

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