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The Technology Blog

The Technology Blog

The blog is all about the latest updates in technologies.

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  • Things you didn’t know about SHAREit

    08 April 2016 ( #Technology )

    SHAREit is such a diverse app. It shares your files without any qualms. It supports a host of OS. It gels well with all sorts of devices as long as they have WiFi. SHAREit is almost a pioneer in this genre in the sort of functionality it is bringing to...

  • 7 Best Android Apps for Better Driving

    15 March 2016 ( #Technology )

    The really last place you must invest long quantities of time on your phone is behind the wheel of an auto. Fortunately, plenty of applications are created to assist you locate information as well as handle distractions when driving securely. Plug into...

  • CinemaBox for Android: How to get it

    25 July 2016 ( #Technology, #mobile app, #android )

    There is no app that can beat CinemaBox. This light and efficient app has been winning hearts around the globe. The app was previously known as Play Box. It was revamped with several new features, even though they might not be so salient. What makes CinemaBox...

  • Guide to Terrarium Tv

    14 September 2016 ( #mobile app )

    Terrarium Tv is an application that entertains you with a good stock of movies and tv shows for free. You can watch , stream and download unlimited entertainment on your smartphone very easily. Until now Terrarium has been successful in providing high...

  • Download ShowBox for PC

    11 August 2016 ( #mobile app, #Technology )

    What are Movie streaming applications? Movie streaming applications are a way for increasing entertainment value for you on your smartphones as well as PCs. Movie streaming applications allow you to download or stream movie online via your WiFi or cellular...

  • Music Paradise pro App for Blackberry

    17 August 2016

    An app I recently encountered is the amazing Music Paradise Pro. It’s pretty likeable, given the easy navigability and also the superior features it boasts. The app lets you listen to unlimited music, download as many tracks as you fancy and then some,...

  • Why Terrarium TV is Better than Showbox

    10 October 2016

    Android phones are the present and future of technology. And the reason for its huge success is the entertainment options it has. You can play unlimited games watch movies, or chat with your friends endlessly. Today we will be comparing two movie streaming...

  • Cash Royale Best Andriod Games

    03 September 2017

    Mobile games are one of the leading past times of today’s generation. As mobile phones are getting more and more advanced, games are getting increasingly interactive and enjoyable. Today, mobile markets are flooded with various genres of games, each enthralling...

  • Guide To Watch Movies In Terrarium Tv App

    08 November 2017

    Currently, people are using various apps for several usages. Everyone likes to access their computer and laptops to watch movies and favorite shows. Terrarium tv is a most popular app which gives right streaming to watch any tv shows or movies from your...

  • Pokemesh for Android: Easy Installation Guide

    18 October 2016 ( #mobile app, #android, #Pokemesh APK, #Pokemesh 9.0, #Download Pokemesh, #Pokemesh for Android )

    It is an undeniable fact that Pokemon Go is one of the best games ever launched for Android. People are going crazing playing this game on their smartphones across the globe. But we can also notice that capturing Pokemon and collecting a whole group is...

  • Garageband installation process for windows pc

    21 October 2016 ( #Technology, #garageband )

    What is GarageBand? GarageBand is a music composing application particularly used by professionals and enthusiasts musicians. The application can really turn the table round by giving you extra ordinary features to handle for example, the application...

  • Facetime vs google duo which one is better?

    11 October 2016 ( #mobile app )

    Facetime vs Google Duo was a debate we had expected to start as soon as Duo was announced. There are plenty on features that Duo brings in to match up with Facetime, but which one finally better the other? We’re going to compare a few of the most salient...

  • App For Downloading Movies & Music

    22 April 2016 ( #Technology )

    Download Vidmate in your mobile & computer for downloading unlimited movies & music in free. Vidmate avilable for different operating system like android, windows etc.