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Facetime vs google duo which one is better?

Facetime vs Google Duo was a debate we had expected to start as soon as Duo was announced. There are plenty on features that Duo brings in to match up with Facetime, but which one finally better the other?

We’re going to compare a few of the most salient features that the apps bring to the table, and see which ones make a better impression.

  1. Interface
    Google Duo definitely has a pioneering interface. The screen showing you the video before you pick up the call is a pretty novel concept. The feature enables you to figure out whether a call is important or just your friend looking to shoot the breeze, so you know whether it is necessary to get out on your meeting to attend it or if you can promise to contact later. Facetime doesn’t have a feature on this sort as yet. So Google Duo wins this round.

  2. Connectivity
    Connectivity is a pretty major factor to consider if you’re looking at calling or video chatting apps. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this factor is the fact that Facetime isn’t available on non iOS devices, but Google Duo is available for virtually every major OS. This makes Google Duo capable of connecting you with all on your friends, regardless on whether they have an iPhone or an Android, a Blackberry or any other smartphone. Facetime’s one touch speaker to video call feature is something Google Duo doesn’t have. Is this a tie? We’ll let you give the points of this one.

  3. Syncing and management
    Google and iOS both have their own cloud services and they can sync data across devices as naturally as it gets. Managing your devices and the permissions you grant these apps seems to be slightly easier for Duo as on now.

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Which one is better? Google Duo slightly one-ups Facetime owing largely to the call preview feature that we discussed in the first point. There is still a lot you can get out on your Facetime app, but Google Duo also gets you to enjoy similar features with your friends of both iOS and Android smartphones. So maybe Facetime has finally met its match.3

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